How to Use this Site

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This section presents the entire collection of videos currently available for viewing. Each video is positioned on a map according to the origin of the speaker.

By rolling over the title, you may access basic information.

Click on a title to access the player page and view the video of your choice.

The Video Player

The player contains the media player and five tabbed panels.

  • A subtitles tab displays the transcript, utterance by utterance. This transcript allows you to create a bookmark.
  • The bookmarks tab displays a list of bookmarks for the current video. These bookmarks are assigned a unique URL, which can then be distributed to others.
  • The full transcript tab offers a transcript of all the utterances presented together.
  • The search tab allows to search a word within the transcript, and have it played in the video.
  • The download tab allows user to download XML or XHTML of all utterances.